Mobile Phone Facts.

Do you know that India’s mobile phone market has become now the fastest growing in the world – six million new connections every month. As Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, much of the growth is among low-income consumers. Handsets are available for $45. Users can buy new pre-paid phone cards for less than 50 cents. Companies offer consumers the option of paying one lifetime fee of about $25, and never having to pay for incoming calls again. In most of the world, mobile phone operators charge for incoming as well as out-going calls. Here I think that with six million new connections every monthly they cat let themselves such pleasure. However Naveen Mishra, a senior marketing analyst with the telecommunications consulting firm IDC in New Delhi, says that in a country of more than a billion people, there is still a vast market to be tapped. y,” said Mishra. “It is a very hot market, that is why people are eying the Indian market.”

So far, most of the growth is coming from urban areas. Telecommunication companies say they will invest billions of dollars in coming years to expand their presence into the country’s vast rural areas, where most of the population lives.

International telecom companies are joining domestic firms in rushing to tap into all these potential customers. The world’s largest mobile phone company, Vodafone, established its presence earlier this year by acquiring a controlling stake in Hutchison Essar, an Indian-Hong Kong joint venture.

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