Delphi iPhone car control.

The idea of software that can link your iPhone to your car was introduced by Delphy at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This concept application will allow you for real time control over your car and that no matter how deep you are inside your house or up to a mile away, the remote will work. So it sounds very cool and reminds me something from James Bond movie.

Besides that, according to Delphi’s Craig Tieman, if it’s hot or cold outside, you can turn on the engine, turn on the climate control, and watch the temperature rise or fall. Or if you don’t want to burn gasoline, you can just roll down the windows. If you’re concerned someone might have broken into the car and be lying in wait in the back seat—a big fear for some, despite the low odds of it happening—you can see if the car has been broken into before you walk or, if you forgot to lock the car, see if it’s occupied.
Here I have thought how it would be nice using the iPhone I could turn out a rainy cold weather outdoor, but maybe such new phone’s function is expected us in future? Anyway the announced software is great deal.

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