Behold the awesome Nokia N96.

The mobile phone world is getting crazier and crazier. Not on only do you have touch screen mobile phones, you can now get your hands on mobile phones with built in digital TV tuners. No this is not a joke, the Nokia N96 comes complete with a TV that you can watch actual TV shows on as they happen. Whether this feature will be supported in the UK remains to be seen, but we are pretty excited about this handset.
Something that we have noticed over the past couple of months is the reduction in mobile phone deals that offer cashback. Many sites that were offering these sort of deals have gone into liquidation, such is the unfeasibility of some of the deals being offered.

What the vast majority of people want are straight forward mobile phone contracts that are affordable and have no hidden extras. These kind of deals can be found on all sorts of mobile phones these days as long as you shop at respectable phone retailers. Phones like the LG venus seem to be popular, as long as they are on simple and affordable tariffs. If this is the kind of phone that you are looking for, we suggest that you head on over to Best Mobile Contracts and take a look at what they can offer.

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