Father of the Mobile Phone

Perhaps you don’t know but the father of the mobile phone is 74-year-old Martin Cooper and BBC tracked down this pioneer in the wireless industry at his day job in California’s Silicon Valley. It’s all down to an event that took place on a pavement in midtown Manhattan on 3 April 30 years ago. Here […]

Cell Phone as the Manner of Expressing.

Cell phone is really great invention that gives everybody a great chance to become a true creator of pictures or movies by the wish. That is the exact! A mobile phone today has become not only communication means but the manner of expressing oneself. Using your handset you can make photos and videos, edit them […]

Call Conferencing.

Do you know that now you don’t have to call to each of your several friends over and over again in case you need just to relay the same message to all of them? How is that? Today using your mobile Call Conferencing you get chance to gather them all together and communicate your message […]