Call Conferencing.

Do you know that now you don’t have to call to each of your several friends over and over again in case you need just to relay the same message to all of them? How is that?

Today using your mobile Call Conferencing you get chance to gather them all together and communicate your message simultaneously. Thanks to that great deal you will save your time and effort in passing on the same message. All what you need is just to set up cell phone conference call worldwide and ask you friends to do the same. Cell phone Nokia 7200 provides you the possibility to be in contact via Audio Conference with all your family and friends simultaneously. Using its concatenated SMS system you can send and receive up to 6 messages (885 characters) as a single message. Besides that the handset has
• Message register
• Predictive text input: Support for all major languages for Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific
• Picture messaging: Send pictures with text to other compatible phones, 10 preset pictures in the phone, all replaceable

Also Call Management includes the speed dialing is up to 8 names, with keys 2-9, last-number redial from dialed calls list (Dial key brings out the dialed calls list), automatic redial (max 10 attempts), call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer, automatic and manual network selection , caller identification with image, closed user group, fixed dialing number, allows calls only to predefined numbers, vibrating alert and Conference Call of course, which allows you to be in contacts within the group connecting.

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