White Diamonds Gresso.

Is that important for you which color your mobile phone is? I guess yes. So perhaps these unique diamond encrusted phones from Gresso are what you’ve been long time looking for. And in spite of beyond the clouds price (- 9,000 and 33,000 euros, around US$14,000 and $52,000) this elegant model would fit any taste.

The White Diamonds collection features two luxury mobile phone models that come with 4 white diamonds. The Royal White Diamonds is a limited edition phone with only 200 handsets to be offered for sale. Retailing for 33,000 euro the phone comes with 23 function keys featuring gold and encrusted with white diamonds totaling 2,53K. Each of the phones runs on Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has an internal memory of 64 Mb and external 2GB memory. They come with 64 polyphonic ring tones and a 2 MP in-built camera.

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