Latest LG mobile phones

LG has been busy over the last few months releasing four superb new handsets. Three of these mobile phones are touch capable, and one opens to a full QWERTY keyboard!

The KF700 will be available any day now, it has both a slide out keyboard that is similar to the design of the LG KG800 Chocolate, and a 3 inch TFT touch screen. This mobile has multimedia player, FM radio, Bluetooth and a good 3 megapixel camera. It also has microSD memory expansion slot so all your music, pics and videos can be stored.

The KF600 otherwise known as the LG Venus is the first mobile phone of its kind offering not just a keyboard and a screen, but also a separate interactive touch pad. The only product that comes close in terms of similarity to the KF600 is the Nintendo DS Lite, which has a main display screen and underneath this it has an interactive touch screen for the user to control the game. The phone has a slide out keyboard, 2 inch colour screen and underneath the main screen is the InteractPad. The InteractPad is a 1.5 inch touch screen, it is able to adapt its buttons and functions depending on what the phone is being used for. Apart from this it has a 3 megapixel camera, digital zoom, and a flash. Also it packs in a microSD memory slot, multimedia player and a FM Radio.

The LG KF510 touch slider is also similar in style to the KG800, it is a very thin handset at only 10.9mm thick. This phone is tougher and stronger than most as it’s created with a metal frame and tempered glass. It has a metal graduation paint design which is available in two different colours sunset red or stardust dark gray. The KF510 has a different kind of touch that is totally unique to the market this is a totally dynamic touch keypad. The keypad has interactive touch lighting and there are emotional animations.

The LG KT610 is in a new style when compared to LG previous handsets. This handset is a candy bar shape that has a landscape opening. The outside of the phone has a 1.4 inch screen and a standard keypad, and when the handset is flipped open it has a 2.4 inch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. This KT610 runs on Symbian OS and has HSDPA connectivity, it is GPS enabled, and even has a 2 megapixel camera. This handset will be available from July 2008.

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