Nice Christmas Mobile Gifts

Looking for winter holyday’s gifts for my friends I’ve found great idea to buy them for present (mostly those of them who are iPhone lovers) iPhone 4 Capsule. This is really simple and fun, useful and unique. and what is important – by very affordable price.

So, paying only $39.95 you get iPhone Capsule Case offering ultimate protection, design and originality and very nice present to your friend or yourself. It’s funny but you can add on the Capsule Case your unique imagesthat will be embedded deep into the case’s sleek surface with 3D TAT printing process. This is NOT a sticker. There’s no fading, peeling or chipping on our watch. Combine amazing printing and customization with the most durable twin-shot case on the market, and you’ve got something truly uncommon.

Convenient capsule design for easy insertion
Soft anti-scratch pad for smooth slide on
Removable bottom for placing in dock
Anti-glare camera ring ensures the case allows your photography skills to shine
Twin-shot dark matter bezel to keep screen safe and looking large
Shatterproof polycarbonate to take any beating

It sounds great! You can check it out here –

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