Brand new Samsung Galaxy S announced

Anybody out there amazed at exactly how good the new Samsung Galaxy mobile phones have been recently? Well so have all of us! The Samsung Galaxy S continues to be hotly tipped as being the only mobile phone which can stand up to the likes of the HTC Desire HD and also the biggy, the Apple iPhone 4 and to be completely honest, it is not too far behind just a couple of tweaks in some places then it ought to be at least on a level playing field and just recently we have heard that details are surfacing about the Galaxy’s successor. The Samsung Galaxy S2.

If the Galaxy S2 does receive the handful of adjustments that are needed then just like we said previously it’ll without a doubt be on a level playing field with the likes of the Apple iPhone 4 and also the HTC Desire HD, and judging from the early photo’s there’s a lot to go off on a looks front, with its modern and clean design and touch screen buttons it’s got a bit of serious beef with the iPhone design so Apple best be careful as the Japanese giants are pushing for a huge surge to the top level of the smart-phone charts!

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