Online Conference Calling

A few years ago we wrote a story on conference calling, a feature that helps you talk to several people at once, regardless of their location. While this is something that’s primarily been attributed to businesses and corporations, there are ways that individuals can start to use conference calls, and without having to buy any expensive equipment or even a new phone. Teleconferencing has reached a new era, and it’s now so accessible and easy to use, that anyone can do it, and thanks to Telecommunications Company, Powwownow, who have made it even simpler to keep in touch with the people that matter with their free conference calls service.

There are many companies that offer conference calls, but with Powwownow, you opt to go for a free conference call or a low-cost one that only charges you for the cost of the call, meaning that contracts and fees are non-existent, which is perfect if you only use conference calling every once in a while. With Powwownow, there is no limit on the length of your conference call, and you also don’t need to pre-book your conference call. Users are issued with a PIN, that can be used to log into conference calls, and they can log in from any telecommunications device, from a landline phone, to Skype, it’s just like any other call, except that you’re talking to many people at one time instead of just one.

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