How To Keep Your Phone Safe Against Viruses

Anyone who depends upon their mobile phone to connect to the internet while they’re away from the office will know exactly how disruptive having your mobile device infected by a virus can be. In many ways, getting a virus on your mobile phone is even more harmful and downright irritating than getting one on your computer. After all, we use our phones to call loved ones, send important text messages, play games while out and about, and to store memorable photos and videos, many of which are simply irreplaceable.

There are, however, simple steps that you can take to keep your mobile device safeguarded against the cyber criminals out there intent on ruining your day with a malicious scam or two.

Firstly, make sure you protect access to your smartphone using a key lock or password. Most phones nowadays come with this functionality as standard, so make sure you use it! If your voice mail comes with a pin code, make sure you change it from the default setting of 1234. The News of the World may not be around any longer, but it’s not just sneaky journalists who could benefit from hacking into your voicemail!

Secondly, installing antivirus software on your phone may seem excessive, but with antivirus programs available these days at such a low cost (you should even be able to find reputable free antivirus software), it makes sense to take sensible precautions.

Similarly, always make sure that the operating system on your phone is fully updated. With models like the iPhone, updates are so regular that it can seem like an effort to keep up, but it’s crucial that you don’t slip behind and leave yourself vulnerable.

Ultimately, as with so many things, let common sense rule and you should be alright. If you receive a dodgy-looking text message, for example, don’t reply to it and, if possible, delete it before opening.

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