Mobile Number in Yahoo Messenger

You know, today if you dont want to leave your IM friends you can just to sign into Yahoo! to keep the conversation on your phone as long as you want. You can do it from almost any cell phone though it were sending a message, responding, changing your status, viewing emoticons, or photos.

In case youneed to change your Mobile Number in Yahoo Messenger it’s also easy. All what you need is to make a few steps to get it.

1.First you have to turn on your PC and go to Yahho Messenger Preferences. If you prefer to use shortcuts use CTRL+SHIFT+P

2.Then under ‘General’, find “Edit Mobile Phone” button and click on.

3.Then you have to delete the existing mobile number on your internet browser.

4. And finally go back to Yahoo! Messenger, and click on the “Edit Mobile Phone…” button – this will now prompt you to add a new number then just follow the instructions: Yahoo! will send you a code via SMS which you must type in.

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