All you need in life is a good smart phone

Can you remember a time when to get by in life, you needed to have a staggering amount of stuff upon your person at all times? Where once we frequently needed to carry a mobile, map, notepad, diary, wallet and newspaper to fully master and enjoy our urban environments, now we only need one thing to fulfil all the same requirements as these items and more: a smart phone.

Whether you’re into iPhones, Android or even *shudder* Blackberries, it’s now possible to answer practically all of the needs of the modern urbanite (or countryside explorer, for that matter) with the swipe of a touch screen.

The death of money?

Lost your wallet? Luckily you can now pay for goods at any outlet which accepts contactless payments by using apps such as Google Wallet, which allows users to tap and pay, with the option to easily de-activate the app if the phone is lost or stolen. Why trouble yourself with carrying a wallet full of grubby cash when you can simply transfer your funds via smart phone? Emptier pockets, simpler payments.
i get around…

Who actually gets lost nowadays? Thanks to a host of new map apps available across the smartphone market, users can now navigate their way around just about anywhere in the developed world using clearly depicted map data, integrated into a directions application which utilises the user’s GPS co-ordinates in order to track their position to a good degree of accuracy. With the option to even have your phone tell you which way to turn, there really is no excuse for losing your way in 2013.

Changing the way we play

Not so long ago, Nintendo Game Boys were pretty much our best option for gaming on the move (unless of course, you prefer the earthy thrills of a crossword or Sudoku puzzle!) Smart phones have made a significant mark in the gaming industry over the past few years, and mobile app games such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are rapidly gobbling up a significant share of the gaming market.

Apps have even changed the way we go about entertainments such as pub quizzing – where once pen and paper quizzes dominated, the new app based quiz variant SpeedQuizzing is quickly making a mark, gaining popularity thanks to its frenetic gameplay experience and safeguarding against cheating. You can test your music knowledge with the apps extensive selection of music based quizzes. Thanks to smart phone technology, whether we’re at work, rest or play, we now only require one item in our inventories.

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