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No doubt we live in a new era of abundant possibilities. Could you imagine your life without the internet, smartphones and mobile games? I doubt anybody could. This is great era of mobile games as well and life has become more fun with paying mobile games indeed. I must confess that very often I start my day with the page of mobile gaming news because I need to know the latest video game news, mobile gaming news Canada and mobile stories from around the globe; and with a cup of coffee, of course.

Do you know that there are currently 323 registered video games development companies only in Canada? And what about the whole world? It’s expected that the global wireless games market will reach $14.4 billion by 2017. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets no other sector has such explosive growth as the computer and video game industry.

Well, I have my own top list of mobile games I’s like to share with you with my favorites. It includes such striking ones as
Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign, the epic puzzle adventure game I love the most. You can download an application on of course.

Joe Danger Touch, the new console experience featured a whole adventure to become the Master of Disaster.

Impossible Road is a pure, minimal but very catching arcade game about risk, reward, and rollercoasters.

Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. By the way strategy games are my favorites. So you’re able to build villages, train your troops and crush enemy clans in clan wars. Also you can play it with other players online.

Well known and popular game Puzzle & Dragons. It’s very popular gave where the Angry Birds characters are available as well. This game has the highest current number of online downloads then it’s also, I think, quite telling.

Boom Beach is also pretty known combat strategy game where you can fight against the evil Blackguard where you can play with players, raid their bases and enjoy the spoils of war. Play and enjoy yourself!

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