Total War: Attila

At first sight this new strategic the video game Attila has not an actual difference in its appearance from Rome 2 but it’s not so. You can notice the game engine is still the same global map, where local kingdoms have a fight to capture Europe.

The difference is the time of late antiquity. Also all battles get small changes that make them more realistic and entertaining and look very impressive, especially when you fight for such metropolises as Rome or Constantinople.

If you already have the game, you have noticed that Attila really does look better than Rome 2, especially the atmospheres, such as fog. A battle in a forest in fog at max settings (not extreme) is actually very pretty, and has a pretty good realistic atmosphere. If you haven’t yet it’s worth to try this new version to get playing this giant empire, bloodthirsty nomads, court intrigues and global cooling in the most innovative way of Total War today.

Finally I’m sure now no one can say recent Total War games are ugly.

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