Mobile Gaming Trends

As you know mobile has overtaken Internet access already. Actually it isn’t a surprise that it happened at all as we could see the colossal mobile growth just during last several years. Smart mobile has moved into every aspect of our lives including media, advertising, software, and entertainment not to mention different sort of mobile services we have used daily and just can’t manage without yet.

You know mobile boom has taken our lives like a storm changed it to the better of course. I would say, the mobile innovation updated the world. “The smartphone appears to be destined to become a true digital assistant, capable of self-learning based on the user’s behaviors, then personalizing both the active and passive ways the device can engage with the user, the environment and the network.” Said Daniel Eckert, PwC Director, Mobile Computing in his speech and it seems to be the case.

However usually we don’t think about all these things but use our mobile gadgets and enjoy with them. For instance we play games and this is probably one of the most popular business on the planet and I’m not kidding. Don’t you know that around 80% of all mobile downloads are games? Be sure, that’s fact.

Today you can play your favorite games right on your smartphone or tablet. Even all these PC games you loved break free now from your desktop and that’s probably the biggest trend in mobile technology this year.

Sure, playing games you enjoy in your spare time but there are plenty of skills you’ve learned from playing games. Gaming is always much more interactive than just watching TV of course. Playing games you solve certain problems just using your own brain to say nothing about earning you can make sometimes just playing your favorite game. It brings an additional pleasantness into the process, doesn’t it?

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