Mobile app bonuses

There are millions of mobile apps at our fingertips these days. It’s really hard to find the best of them, to choose the most right and functional ones. You know, the mobile app is good for communication with friends, posting text, photos, videos, to make shopping, and even earn real cash and rewards. They are […]

My favorite Gaming Apps

Which Android games you prefer to play? What are your favorite ones? As to me I prefer strategy games and choose follow ones: Frozen Synapse This a thrilling PC, Mac, Linux and tablet (iOS/Android) strategy game. It brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre where you should yto take control of a small assault team to […]

The world of applications

Sure, today we’re incredibly depended on the smartphones in our daily life. And that’s no wonder why. We keep in touch with friends, play games, watch movies and TV shows, listen radio, access news, and more. Today millions of people can talk, work, play, learn, read, watch, listen, buy and sell online using their smartphones. […]

Time of Video Games

Millions people around the world are playing different kind of video games and that’s the sigh of our times. Today with so many games on so many devices, games are now the most popular entertainment around the world. Do you know how many people play computer and video games daily? More than half a billion […]

Mobile Gaming Trends

As you know mobile has overtaken Internet access already. Actually it isn’t a surprise that it happened at all as we could see the colossal mobile growth just during last several years. Smart mobile has moved into every aspect of our lives including media, advertising, software, and entertainment not to mention different sort of mobile […]

Best Mobile Games

Vector A parkour free running game where you play a silhouette in a suit, who is being constantly chased by an evil totalitarian regime. With stunning graphics, with excellent animation and some wicked level design, Vector is a must play. However, beware of the tonnes of microtransaction pop ups thrown at you. Let us know […]

Best Mobile Games 2011

There are many things that bring us in on the fun. But Video Games and especially mobile games is the one that everybody knows and loves. As to me I love tha most follow ones: Dungeon Hunter 2 – iPhone Star Battalion – iPad Assassin’s Creed – Android HD Real Soccer 2011 – Mobile Blokus […]

Mobile Awards Winners

Apple’s App Store honored this year’s IGF Mobile Awards winners by dedicating a featured section to the iPhone winners and finalists. iPhone and iPod Touch owners who access the store will see a box in the “New” section of the App Store inviting visitors to purchase and download ten IGF Mobile Awards winners and nominees, […]